Corporate Forklift Training

Corporate Forklift Training


Workplace accidents can be expensive! They often increase your costs in many ways, cause disturbances in your daily routines, and thus cause you to lose lots of money, time and other resources directly and indirectly. All of these problems can be easily avoided with proper training and following of protocols. City Truck will provide on site training to help better mange your workforce, time and resources efficiently.

Clause 25(2) (a) of the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) states that responsibility lies upon the employer to provide information, instructions and governance in a suitable working environment. This protects the health and safety of their employees and ensures the logevity and survival of our organization.

This forklift operator certification program is designed to ensure that operator knowledge and practical skills meet current safety standards and regulations. The course is ideal for all experienced operators as it is designed to reinforce the importance of proper safety and handling techniques. The program addresses the following issues:

City Truck is a renown name in the logistics and transport industries as a leading academy for truck & bus driving, forklift and heavy equipment training. We work with small, medium and larged sized companies within the Ontario region and look forward to booking a complimentary consultation to better understand you and your business.

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